Sibeal Mac Neil

Gymnastics Star/Sports Science Major


Aspect: Scion
Pantheon: Tuatha De Dannan
Parent: Lugh
Gender: Female
Hair: Irish Red
Eyes: Apple Green

Sporty and lithe Sibeal is athletic at her core with a gymnasts body and beautiful red curls and apple green eyes. She mostly prefers practical clothing over designer clothing, and can often be found wearing work out gear around the campus.


Sibeal is rarely found very far from her best friend Natalie Cooper being basically an inseparable pair since their time at All Gods. The two of them make up the up and coming stars of the Bruins cheer squad.

Sibeal is known to be the more serious of the two best friends and has rented the apartment they share outside the campus, mostly so her large Irish Wolfhound, Skye, actually a glamoured Hound of Lugh, could have a place to stay, and so that Natalie could have a place to take people back to that was more discrete than a dorm room.

Is studying Sports Science at UCLA and is part of the gymnastics program there.

Sibeal Mac Neil

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